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Purty Yellow Goat Snow - The livejournal community

Purty Yellow Goat Snow - The livejournal community
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About this community

Originally, this group started out in the world as a means to showcase the fanfic of two crazy people: Drake and Bastard Snow. After a while, a bunch of other authors joined in too and everything spiraled down into mayhem (that's where I come in). This is the livejournal community derived from the original Yahoo group. A place to post recs to the fics we love, pimp our own stuff and just generally mess around. All fandoms allowed, all ratings, types, and archives considered. This is the place to find the links to these stories or just to bask in our collective madness.


  1. Don't feed or pet the Drake.
  2. All posts must be tagged with the name of the poster, the fandoms of the links contained within the post and whether or not a post contains non-work safe material. Click here for all the details on what we mean.
  3. Anyone is welcome to request help finding some ficcage. Every day, a 'requests post' will be made. Whether you belong to this community or not, feel free to ask for what you're looking for by commenting on that post. Click here to find out how to go about it.
  4. This community is also a place for challenges. Mad ideas for stories and general hysteria. Click here for more details on that.
  5. We do not take any responsibility for the material that might be found by clicking on the links in this journal beyond our initial recommendation. Don't hesitate to comment if something is seriously screwy though.
  6. You do not have to join to view the community. Friending the community will get you all the recs, challenges and requests without posting privileges.
  7. links to sites/forums/boards that require registration must be clearly labeled as such.
  8. direct links are encouraged if you have the time, but don't kill yourselves if you can't find the precise link (life is a busy place after all). A clear description of where you found the fic (the site, maybe the subcategories, etc...) is good enough *g*
Oh, and again, don't pet the Drake. Seriously. Massive therapy bills could result from stuff like that.

This comm is proud to be affiliated with i_need_a_parrot - the LJ base of the best Xander-centric BTVS fanfiction archive around.